Bakery Window Display


December 2021

Like most businesses in order to survive we have had to dramatically change our business in the past 18 months.

One of the casualties of this period of change has been the ability to run classes teaching other people the joys of making sourdough bread. 

Now the dust has settled, the way in which we use our space and time means that classes just arent viable in the way they used to run.

For now there are no good ways to run any classes. 

We have contacted all outstanding voucher holders with the news, of course some have been given as gifts to people we do not have contacts for. We have a full list of valid voucher codes, so if that is you please send us your details along with your voucher code and expiry date for us to process a refund.

Teaching others is one of my great joys so this will be something I will be making a priority as we look to grow our bakery business in the future.​

See you soon